BIMicon plugin compatible with Revit 2019 to 2023

It is a long overdue post, but better late than never we would say!

We are excited to announce that the BIMicon plugin has been updated to version This new update is compatible with Revit versions from 2019 to 2023, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate the latest technology with their BIM projects.

We apologize for the delay in the update, as our team has been busy with other exciting projects. We understand that our users rely on the BIMicon plugin to improve their workflow, and we promise to do better in the future by keeping the plugin updated in a timely manner.

For newcomers, BIMicon Toolbar offers all those tools that should have been out of the box in Revit, like renumbering families tools, exporting schedules, create interior elevations among many other features.

The updated version of the BIMicon plugin includes several bug fixes and improvements that enhance its overall functionality. The plugin is easy to install and use, and it provides a significant boost to the productivity of Revit users.

The BIMicon plugin is an essential tool for anyone working with BIM projects in Revit. The updated version ensures compatibility with the latest Revit versions and provides several new features that improve productivity and workflow. We promise to continue updating the plugin to meet the evolving needs of our users and maintain our commitment to excellence. Please update to the latest version by downloading it from the:

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