BIM Manual

Have you ever wished to have a good BIM manual to use as a foundation to build your own firm’s manual? Well, the wait is coming to an end very soon.

Coming soon!

BIM Mnaual
BIM Manual

Frequent Q&A

What is a BIM manual?

A BIM Manual is a document that sets the basic BIM procedures in the organization. This document establishes the foundations of strong workflows and best practices without coercing team members into inflexible and inefficient BIM workflows.

How this BIM manual can be helpful?

BIMicon’s manual is the most extensive illustrated BIM manual in the market, prepared after 10 years of experience working on all sizes of projects and adapted to the industry’s needs. This manual is a strong foundation to prepare a comprehensive and clear understanding of the BIM manual adapted to your firm’s needs.

When it will be released?

The launching date is set for January 2022.

My most sincere apologies, due to a huge increase in workload and the scope of this manual, I have to delay the release date. A new date will be set soon. Thanks for your interest!